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Foiled    by Jane Yolen & Mike Cavallaro order for
by Jane Yolen
Order:  USA  Can
First Second, 2010 (2010)
* * *   Reviewed by Ricki Marking-Camuto

With the help of illustrator Mike Cavallaro, YA fantasy author Jane Yolen has created a magical graphic novel. Foiled is a fun and unique read that will appeal to teen girls and anyone who believes in fairy tales.

Color-blind Aliera Carstairs has always felt like an outcast at school, staying in the shadows, unnoticed. Where she does shine, however, is in the fencing arena. She is also a bright spot to her cousin Caroline, who is confined to a wheelchair. Every Saturday, Aliera goes to Caroline's house after fencing practice to play an RPG game where she is the Defender of Caroline's Queen. Little does Aliera know that all of her worlds are about to combine when she agrees to a date with the handsome new kid in school.

Aliera is a strong yet insecure heroine, to whom many readers will immediately relate. To help readers connect with her even faster, Cavallaro uses only shades of grey until Aliera's real and fantasy lives collide. This really sets the mood and helps bring Aliera's emotional character to life.

As one would expect from Yolen, this is more than a story about a girl who becomes part of a fantasy world. It is a story about a girl learning to be who she is. In fact, Foiled is just the beginning of Aliera's life just a small yet pivotal point that will surely lead her into something bigger. Whether Jane Yolen and Mike Cavallaro will create more to Aliera's story or whether this is it, Foiled is a quick yet abundant read to do with fencing, fantasy, and finding yourself.

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