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Dark Deceptions    by Dee Davis order for
Dark Deceptions
by Dee Davis
Order:  USA  Can
Forever, 2010 (2010)
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

For the past eight years A-Tac operative Nash Brennon has tried to forget his past with one-time partner, Annie Gallagher. She had betrayed him on a mission, and then effectively dropped off the face of the earth. When Nash discovers that she's back in the game, and that she's apparently turned traitor after targeting a top UN official for assassination, he's not surprised. What does surprise him is the news that his boss wants Annie brought in alive for questioning.

Annie had never expected to see Nash Brennon again; she is totally committed to raising her son on her own, since Nash had never wanted anything to do with a relationship. But when terrorists kidnap Adam, Annie's working with Nash and his team could be his only hope. Despite Nash's anger over her supposed betrayal, their attraction still burns bright and soon blazes out of control. Unfortunately there is no guarantee that either of them will survive the machinations of a stealthy and secretive enemy's political agenda.

Dark Deceptions is the first instalment in one of a growing number of romantic suspense series, that feature highly trained covert operatives working for an ultra secretive arm of the US government. While the plot is intriguing and leaves you guessing, all the characters, including leads Annie and Nash, came across as rather generic. The same can be said for their dialogue, particularly during action sequences. Taken as a whole though, the story delivers a nice balance of action, suspense and romance.

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