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Sleep No More    by Susan Crandall order for
Sleep No More
by Susan Crandall
Order:  USA  Can
Forever, 2010 (2010)
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

When Abby Whitman was a child, a sleepwalking incident caused a fire that destroyed her family home and left her younger sister Courtney permanently disfigured. Courtney has never forgiven Abby. When they do speak, she never fails to remind Abby how the affliction forced her into seclusion, and thus ruined any chance for a normal life. Now Abby lives with unbearable guilt and refuses to let herself get close to anyone for fear that her sleepwalking would cause another disaster.

When a sleep-driving episode results in Abby being involved in an accident and allegedly causing a fatality, she's horrified. Her worst fears have come true and she's ready to pay for taking the life of a young college student. However, as experts begin examining the timeline, it becomes evident that there was at least one other person at the scene. Determined to understand how she ended up in her delivery van that night, Abby turns to psychiatrist Jason Coble, who recommends hypnosis. But as Abby's foggy memory begins to clear, a shadowy killer moves in to silence her for good.

Crandall provides plenty of red herrings to heighten reader interest as Abby and Jason find themselves the targets of killers. The romance between the pair is also nicely done as Jason helps Abby become more accepting of her affliction, and to work through her other fears. However, once the truth is revealed and all the players and their motivations, dark secrets, personal grudges (as well as assorted family issues) are moved out of the shadows, the conclusion ends up being far too convoluted - and, in the case of Jason's alcoholic ex-wife, incredibly clichéd. Even so, Sleep No More provides enough suspense to keep you turning its pages well into the wee hours.

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