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Five Magic Words
by Valentine Dmitriev
Order:  USA  Can
PublishAmerica, 2009 (2009)
* *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

Agatha Archer is a young, successful career woman. She is a painter and a illustrator of children's books. Agatha's love life, however, has not been so lucky. She has just ended a relationship with world known artist, Mario DeCapo. She met Mario when he was teaching at art school and she was chosen to model for him. Now she is asking herself how she could be so naive in not realizing he was a married man. When she was growing up, her petite mother told her no one would love her as she was tall. Now Agatha fears her mother's warnings are coming true.

One day while out walking the trails on her property, Agatha meets a young man and neighbour, Silas Spencer. She is attracted immediately and feels a connection to him as they get to know one another. When she notices he is wearing a wedding band, her sense kicks in and she leaves abruptly. Silas, struggling to put the death of his wife behind him, feels he has upset her in some way. He is attracted to Agatha but a past experience with his young stepmother leaves him wary of all women. He feels he should move forward and find a wife and suitable mother for his six-year-old son Jamie.

Eventually it is Jamie who brings Agatha and Silas together. Driving home on a dark, rainy night, Agatha sees a young boy wandering in his pyjamas. When she pulls over to help, he informs Agatha that his father is dead on the floor and he is all alone. Only after calling the medics does Agatha find out that Jamie and Silas are father and son. With Silas hospitalized, Agatha steps in to care for Jamie and they quickly form a bond.

As the results come back from Silas's tests it is clear that the months ahead will be a struggle for Silas and Jamie. Agatha has invested too much now and cannot walk away from the six-year-old, but can she face what is ahead? Silas and Agatha must come to terms with their feelings and the future.

Five Magic Words is a heartwarming story of two lonely people trying to overcome their pasts and their differences. Their relationship is rocky and filled with doubts and mistrust but fate has a way of balancing the future.

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