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The Art of Deception    by Ridley Pearson order for
Art of Deception
by Ridley Pearson
Order:  USA  Can
Hyperion, 2003 (2002)
Hardcover, Paperback, Audio, CD

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* * *   Reviewed by Angela Landreth

Mary Ann Walker's life had been a struggle. She grew up working on a fishing boat with a dysfunctional family, graduated to life with an abusive boyfriend, and finally was found dead under the Aurora Bridge. The police have been investigating the abduction of two other women. Could Mary Ann's death be connected with these disappearances?

Lieutenant Daphne Matthews, a Seattle Police forensic psychologist, is one of the first to respond to the discovery of Mary Ann's body. Unfortunately, this resurrects demons of Daphne's own past, the primary one being the memory of a suicide jumper, whom she had known through volunteer work as a teenage runaway counselor at a shelter.

Mary Ann's brother, Ferrell is quick to cast blame on Lanny Neal, Mary Ann's boyfriend, for her death. Ferrell not only latches onto the idea of vengeance, but he also shifts his attention into helping Daphne prove his theory. Daphne's volunteer work at the shelter brings her into contact with female teen-age runaways. The girls, all seem to think that the shelter is haunted. This, in combination with cryptic phone calls, strange noises outside her home, her professional training, and past, all heighten Daphne's sensitivity to what is going on around her.

While investigating the abductions, Lieutenant Boldt and Sergeant LaMoia discover the 'Underground'; old buildings and stores, all still standing, underneath what is now present day Seattle. It's a deceptive tale; a reader's early suspicions and conclusions are all made questionable, due to twists and turns throughout. The Art of Deception is captivating from the start and satisfying until the end; get comfortable and settle in for a great read.

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