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To Tempt the Wolf    by Terry Spear order for
To Tempt the Wolf
by Terry Spear
Order:  USA  Can
Sourcebooks Casablanca, 2009 (2009)
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

After a raging wildfire forces Hunter Greymore's pack to flee their California home, he and his twin sister are forced to accept the hospitality of their Oregon based uncle. Hunter has little choice, with his pack in disarray and with few remote locations available to werewolves. His twin sister Meara is angry over her brother's decision. Battling both her disappointment that her pack has decided to try city life without her, and her oncoming heat cycle, she is not making life easy for her brother. More tension arises when members of a rival pack come sniffing around and abduct Meara. Determined to bring his sister home and send her abductors packing, Hunter is badly injured in the deadly confrontation that ensues.

Wildlife photographer Tessa Anderson is beside herself when her brother is accused of murder and imprisoned. She certainly doesn't have the time to care for the injured stranger she finds washed up on the beach. However, with an ice storm imminent, she has little choice but to offer him shelter. Unfortunately, all Hunter remembers is his first name and that he's a lupus garou. As the storm rages, knocking out phone and electric lines, the pair have plenty of time to discover more about each other, even though Hunter knows he's playing with fire. Nothing good ever came about from a human/werewolf pairing. But there is something about the attractive redhead he can't resist. That she needs help to clear her brother's name only ramps up Hunter's protective nature. Unfortunately the real killer isn't about to let the truth see the light of day.

Despite Spear's use of two uninspired plot devices - the selective amnesia ploy and the leads fortuitously finding themselves cut off from civilization by a raging storm - the story does eventually get rolling once the author delves deeper into Hunter's background and then as he and Tessa work together to clear her brother of murder charges. Spear sets up a nice aura of intrigue and adds to it by incorporating more of the pack dynamic surrounding her lupus garous. Add to that Tessa and Hunter's hot romance - complete with an interesting werewolf/human twist - and To Tempt the Wolf makes a plausible and entertaining read.

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