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Tears on Stone    by Karen Wiesner & Chris Spindler order for
Tears on Stone
by Karen Wiesner
Order:  USA  Can
Swimming Kangaroo Books, 2009 (2009)

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* *   Reviewed by Pat Elliott

MaryEmma fondly remembers her old home in Falcon's Bend, and her old friend, Jordan Shasta. She is delighted to find Jordan lives next door to the house she has rented. Delighted, that is, until Jordan and his daughter Nicole begin to ask too many questions.

MaryEmma is the only secure person in her niece Ariel's life. Ariel has lived in a dream world since her father was killed in a fire. Ariel's mother, MaryEmma's sister Shelly, tries to assuage her grief by going out every night and ignoring Ariel. Pam, the sisters' former guardian and protector, accompanied the women when they ran away from their former home. She runs a society that helps abused women.

Life slowly becomes normal. MaryEmma gets a job in a flower shop; she takes care of Ariel and at Jordan's invitation begins to restore the garden on his property. Shelly's escapades get wilder and wilder, and one day her latest boyfriend is murdered. That brings Jordan's big brother, Pete Shasta, and Danny Vincent (Falcon Bend detectives) into the picture.

MaryEmma and Ariel get closer to Jordan and Nicole but MaryEmma still will not tell Jordan the truth about her former life. Danny and Pete suspect every one of the women and watch them closely. While investigating the women's past, they discover a string of murders all of men. It is only when MaryEmma falls in love with Jordan that he learns the truth. The detectives rush to prevent another killing and are just in time.

Tears on Stone is a good book that is thrilling, suspenseful and entertaining. Hidden in the pages you will find a sweet romance in which Ariel's Princess Marigold finds and marries her Prince George.

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