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Lovers and Gamblers    by Jackie Collins order for
Lovers and Gamblers
by Jackie Collins
Order:  USA  Can
Grand Central, 2009 (1977)
Hardcover, Paperback

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* *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

Al King is a famous rock star from London, England. Being married with a young son does not stop him from having every young woman he wants. He has all the luxuries of fame - a big mansion, private plane, clothes, jewelry, and an entourage of people to take care of him. He lives for the rush of performing on stage and the rush of a new woman. Living from city to city, while on tour, Al is beginning to consume more and more alcohol to help fill a void he doesn't even realize he has.

Dallas is a young woman who has tried hard to forget her past. Coming from a poor family, she ran away at a young age for a better life. She soon was caught up in prostitution, drugs, and even in an attempted murder. Now her life is changing and she has just been crowned Miss Coast To Coast. She has done some modeling, and hopes now doors will open for her to land a part in a movie. When Al King meets the beautiful Dallas he is attracted to her and wants her for himself. Dallas knows all about men like Al King and what they are after, and rejects his many offers. She struggles with her attraction to Al, something she has never had for any other man. With Al doing concerts around the world and Dallas making it big in Hollywood, both are in pursuit of fame and fortune. Their paths cross at star studded parties, movie openings, and charity events. When Dallas finally agrees to go out with Al her life is starting to unravel and Al comes to her rescue.

The first two thirds of the book is all about Al and his sexual conquests, while Dallas is trying to better her life. When Dallas agrees to travel with Al on his private plane, tragedy strikes and it goes down in the jungles of South America. The survivors are put to the test of their lives, as they try to stay alive until help arrives.

Jackie Collins is the Queen of Steam, and if you can overlook the foul language and raunchy sex scenes, the last third of Lovers and Gamblers delivers an ending with genuine meaning and depth. It is a summer read that will take you from London to LA, New York City and the jungles of Rio.

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