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Tempo Change    by Barbara Hall order for
Tempo Change
by Barbara Hall
Order:  USA  Can
Delacorte, 2009 (2009)
Hardcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Lyn Seippel

Blanche Kelly is not a joiner and has no intention of joining the school choir, but her guidance counselor doesn't give her a choice. There she meets Viv, a superb natural singer, whose voice leads Blanche to start an all-girl band.

Becoming a musician is something she never imagined doing. It would be too much like following in her famous dad's footsteps. When she realizes how good their band is, she sees an opportunity that might bring her dad back at least long enough to see her play at Coachella, a famous invitation only competition.

Duncan Kelly left when Blanche was six. Being a celebrity overwhelmed him. He dropped out of sight to find himself. He didn't take Blanche and her mother with him. Blanche hasn't seen him since - and neither have his former fans.

Who do you blame for a broken home? The parent who stayed or the parent who left? Blanche searches her past and present to find the answer.

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