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Sisters & Husbands    by Connie Briscoe order for
Sisters & Husbands
by Connie Briscoe
Order:  USA  Can
Grand Central, 2009 (2009)
Hardcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

Sisters & Husbands is the story of three sisters. Though it is the follow up to Sisters & Lovers, it is still a great stand alone read. Living in Washington, DC the three Jordan sisters are from a close knit family. No matter what is happening in each of their lives, they would do anything for each other. Yet, ranging in age from late thirties to late forties, the sisters still have their share of differences and sibling rivalry.

Beverly, thirty-nine, is engaged and about to be married to Julian. He is a handsome, dependable man who has made Beverly very happy. Beverly has been engaged twice before and each time has broken up right before the wedding. She cannot understand why she is so marriage phobic. Her parents have been great examples, having a long, loving relationship. But Beverly finds it hard to trust a man completely.

Charmaine is the feisty sister who has been married four times. She will not settle, and thinks nothing of walking away if she is not treated with honesty and respect. She is married now to Tyrone, a good man, who loves and has accepted her son Kenny from a previous marriage. Their life seems perfect until Tyrone's teenage daughter Tiffany comes to stay for the summer. Tiffany has Tyrone wrapped around her little finger and there is nothing he won't do for his little princess, even if it means going against Charmaine.

Evelyn, forty-seven, is the oldest sister. She is married to Kevin, a lawyer, and has two children who are off to college. They have a beautiful home and everything money can buy. All seems perfect until Kevin decides to quit his job at the law firm and start working at Blockbuster. He begins to give away his expensive suits and tells Evelyn he is tired of their lifestyle. Before long he has moved out, leaving Evelyn in shock until she meets an old friend from her high school days.

As Beverly's wedding day draws near, the sisters find their lives unraveling. Beverly has been betrayed by her best friend and brother-in-law, and it has sent shock waves through the Jordan family. Will Beverly trust Julian and build a future with him? Will Kevin and Evelyn try and save a marriage that was rock solid, and will Charmaine ride out the storm with Tyrone? Sisters & Husbands has it all - romance, humour, and a few twists and turns to keep readers turning the pages.

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