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Dangerously Innocent    by Nesrine Joseph order for
Dangerously Innocent
by Nesrine Joseph
Order:  USA  Can
Bookpal, 2008 (2008)

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* *   Reviewed by Pat Elliott

A man is killed while his wife showers in the next room. She follows a bloody trail through the house into the garage. But she finds only her husband's head in the trunk of her car. Why?

That is the question Senior Detectives Luther James and Rochelle Trevelyn must answer. A serial killer is on the loose. City officials are on alert. The one they dub The Slicer must be found. He kills, then cuts away a body part, leaving mutilated remains for the police to find. But this time, he only left the head. Is it the same murderer who has killed three times before?

First, he killed an Asian immigrant and cut out his heart. Then he slaughtered a university student and took his tongue. A photographer is the third victim. The killer cut off his hands. The police have followed every clue and come up with nothing. Will body number four give them a lead? Can they find it?

The bodies keep piling up and the detectives feel like they are running like rats in a maze. When Rochelle's boy friend turns up a victim of the Slicer, she is devastated but even more determined to find the killer. Not realizing they are getting close the crimefighters fall into the Slicer's trap. They must save themselves, then worry about catching the murderers.

This is a well written murder mystery that surprises readers at the end. It is novella length at 147 pages. I would like to see longer books with the same series characters.

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