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Angel of Wrath
by Bill Myers
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Faithwords, 2009 (2009)

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* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Angels of Wrath is a little creepy, featuring a coven of teens who are able to call up a 'terrifying entity' who enters their world with death and destruction his goal.

Special Ops agent Charlie Madison - along with his friend Lisa, who has the dubious distinction of having been kicked out of the FBI - is on the track of a serial killer. Charlie's thirteen year-old niece Jaz (like the music but with only one 'z') manages to wiggle her way into the search. As if Charlie didn't have enough on his hands.

It looks to Charlie and Lisa like a church that is trying to increase its attendance at services is in some way responsible for a series of deaths. Myers writes a complicated plot, with lots of biblical passages to thrust the story forward. And it works. Very well. Charlie is a very likable guy. And the reader begins to feel that Lisa should not have been expelled from the FBI.

Jaz is fun and a typical teenager. I am so glad I am long past that phase of any child's life. Survived it three times but might not make it a fourth time. The terrifying entity had me starting at any shadow that passed over me.

Bill Myers is no stranger to the printed word, Angel of Wrath being his tenth book. I am sure he will receive similar praise for this one as he did for the other nine. It has a good plot; exciting action; lots of death and mayhem; and a satisfying denouement. Readers can hardly go wrong.

2nd Review by Leslie McKee:

Will Harmon is angry and his prime target is his father Thomas, Senior Pastor of the mega church Calvary Cathedral. Thomas has other problems on his mind - members of his church, including elders, are turning up dead. Ex-Special Ops agent Charlie Madison and friend Lisa, a former FBI agent and Thomas' sister, are investigating.

Jason Ballard and his group of followers (with whom Will has been hanging lately) practice Satanic rituals in their own religious mix of Satanism and a convoluted version of Christianity. Jason is governed by Kristof, a former Special Ops agent. Their rituals open the door to another realm and allow an otherworldly entity to emerge, which specializes in terrorizing its victims by forcing them to view all their past failures and negative events. Charlie's thirteen-year-old niece Jaz may be deaf, but she can feel the evil that has been unleashed. She assembles a group of church members to combat the evil forces with praise. Will they be successful?

While this is the second in the Voices of God series, it can easily be read as a stand-alone book. It contains material not commonly found in Christian fiction. It highlights the power of prayer and worship and reinforces the fact that it is risky to experiment with evil. Myers does a nice job of exploring the concept of spiritual warfare and the battle one must engage in when confronted.

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