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Better Late Than Never: Gifted #2    by Marilyn Kaye order for
Better Late Than Never
by Marilyn Kaye
Order:  USA  Can
Macmillan, 2009 (2009)
* *   Reviewed by Lyn Seippel

When her alcoholic mother goes into rehab, thirteen-year-old Jenna Kelley stays with Tracy Devon's family. Jenna wouldn't call Tracy a friend, but they share a gifted class at school. Though grateful she doesn't have to go into foster care, Jenna would never say thank you. It might spoil her image.

Jenna's dad, whom she's never seen, shows up while her mother is away. He wants to get to know his daughter. Tough Jenna doesn't really care whether she has a father or not, but soon the tall, dark, handsome man charms his way into her heart.

Amanda Beeson has joined the gifted class because of her ability to take over other people's bodies. It's not a gift she wants and she sure doesn't want to be in the gifted class. It is destroying her image as the popular Queen Bee at Meadowbrook Middle School. She's being challenged by her friend Nina, who recognizes her vulnerability. Amanda is not her usual mean self.

Amanda wants out of the gifted class and never to have to see the nerdy classmates who attend again, with the exception of Ken Preston. She wants Ken to notice her, but can't break through his preoccupation. He always seems to be talking to dead people in his head.

This is a great series for tweens who love the paranormal. Although they're far from perfect, leads Amanda and Jenna grow on you - maybe because they are not perfect.

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