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King of the Screwups    by K. L. Going order for
King of the Screwups
by K. L. Going
Order:  USA  Can
Harcourt, 2009 (2009)
* * *   Reviewed by Lyn Seippel

After his last screwup, Liam Geller's dad kicks him out of the house. Under protest he goes to live with his aunt Pete in upstate New York. Pete is a gay DJ who belongs to a glam-band. The only other choice would be to spend his senior year with his retired military grandfather who would love to prove he can straighten Liam out.

Liam is as good looking as a model, well dressed and easygoing. Everyone loves him but his father, who wants Liam to be serious and more like him. He is a CEO of a multinational company.

Liam's mother was a supermodel and gave it up at her husband's request. Unable to change his dad's mind about sending Liam away, Liam's mother suggests he move in with Pete instead, but begs him not to tell his dad it is her idea.

Except at home, Liam is Mr. Popularity. When he moves to Pineville to live in a trailer with his uncle things are no different. The harder he tries not to be popular the more popular he becomes. He impresses everyone except the girl he wants to impress.

The story is told in first person. Liam adds a little back story at the beginning of every chapter. Readers will begin to see why Liam finds himself looking for approval from the one man who'll never give it. Going has written a funny, sweet book about how accepting yourself is more important than outside approval.

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