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Change the World for Ten Bucks    by We Are What We Do order for
Change the World for Ten Bucks
by We Are What We Do
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Chronicle, 2009 (2009)

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* * *   Reviewed by Deb Kincaid

Change the World for Ten Bucks is the brainchild of the London-based, nonprofit organization calling itself We Are What We Do. The ten bucks refers to the cost of the book. The book lists and illustrates fifty painless actions that anyone, of any age, race, social level, or ability can do to improve the planet and the quality of life of its inhabitants. We Are What We Do asked others, 'What simple action would you ask a million people to do to change the world?' From the more than 4,000 suggested, 50 were selected for the book. But this is no dry list.

Working with professionals in the field of advertising, the group came up with 50 corresponding marketing concepts, which brought each of the selections to life with the skill of illustrators, graphic designers, and others to produce this beautiful, polished gem of simplicity, concision, and heart. According to We Are What We Do, in all more than 130 people - including the mentioned professionals - donated their time to create Change the World for Ten Bucks. More than a million copies of this book have already been sold in Europe, and, now, it has been published in the US.

Some of the 50 actions relate to the environment: 'Action #6: Take public transportation when you can.' Several are social in nature: 'Action #19: Learn one good joke.' Others ask you to do a simple thing to improve someone's day: 'Action #35: Write to someone who inspired you' (a postcard is included!) None are difficult, unnecessary, or a waste of time. None require a large investment of money, time, or even full compliance.

The book's happy tone, along with its succinct text, powerful images and heartfelt message make it irresistible. What a wonderful gift (... for Ten Bucks) to our self or a friend that will induce us to start with one change, the proverbial stone dropped in a pond. Who knows what good may come of it? Great idea; great book!

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