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Probable Claws: A Theda Krakow Mystery    by Clea Simon order for
Probable Claws
by Clea Simon
Order:  USA  Can
Poisoned Pen, 2009 (2009)
* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Clea Simon offers her readers a fourth in her Theda Krakow series, Probable Claws. Protagonist Theda's main interests are two-fold. Well, if we throw in boyfriend Bill, I suppose we could call it three-fold. By the title, one can guess that cats are first on her short list. The second proves to be the column Clubland she writes on the popular music scene for a Cambridge newspaper.

Bill, a former Boston cop retired because of an injury, becomes involved in the ownership of a club and Thea spends a good deal of her time with him when they aren't arguing and not talking to one another. When Thea is accused of murdering a local veterinarian a close friend Bill comes to the rescue. At least he provides bail. Proving her innocence is another matter altogether.

There is a wonderful scene of rip-roaring music at a benefit concert. I could almost hear the music and the vocals straining to be heard above the appreciative crowd. The troubled newspaper industry also gets some attention.

The actual story took a little time to get started, but the preliminary was fun with lots of cat happenings - including some poisoning, which wasn't so much fun. When the murder occurred, the pace picked up and the story started moving in a new direction. The finale stopped all thought for a moment. Probable Claws is a good book, worth a read.

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