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Shoot from the Lip    by Leann Sweeney order for
Shoot from the Lip
by Leann Sweeney
Order:  USA  Can
Signet, 2007 (2007)
* *   Reviewed by Lyn Seippel

Abby Rose's detective agency helps the children of adoption find their biological parents. She is approached by a reality television show to help find the sister of Emma Lopez. Emma raised three of her young siblings after her mother left. The show is interested in another sibling, a baby girl who disappeared the day after she was born. Emma was only eight at the time, but she helped deliver the baby. Her mother, a mean alcoholic, told Emma she'd given the infant to Children's Protective Services.

The show Reality Check: Lifestyle Makeover is showering Emma Lopez with gifts. They want to air her life story and reunite her with her mother and the missing baby girl. They attempt to hire Abby Rose, a Houston based detective, to find them. Although finding relatives is her specialty, Abby prefers to work for the relative and not a third party whose only motive is a bigger audience for their show.

Emma's story of raising three siblings while going to school interests Abby and, although she won't agree to work for the TV show, she decides to meet Emma. Twenty-three-year old Emma regrets signing a contract with the show even though they can make her life and the life of her young brothers and sister easier. She doesn't want to find her mother and doesn't want the missing baby sister exploited when the show finds them. Abby sets out to find them first and to give Emma and her siblings time to assimilate what is happening to them.

Abby and her sister Kate, a psychologist, make a good team. A baby's bones, a cold case that leads to the mother, and more twist and turns than a garden labyrinth make this mystery hard to put down.

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