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Desire Unchained: A Demonica Novel    by Larissa Ione order for
Desire Unchained
by Larissa Ione
Order:  USA  Can
Forever, 2009 (2009)
* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Runa Wagner has a serious bone to pick with the hot paramedic who swept her off her feet with a single night of unforgettable passion. It's only afterwards that she discovers that her lover is a Seminus demon - and it's because of Shade that she was attacked and turned into a werewolf. She may hate what she's become but only her new and powerful bestial nature will persevere against a powerful demon like Shade.

When both are kidnapped and imprisoned by an old enemy Shade thought long dead, Runa realises her plans for revenge will have to wait. Their first priority is escaping a demented madman who has a very personal score to settle with Shade and his two brothers, Eidolon and Wraith. Their tormentor's first order of business is casting a spell on the pair that forces them to become life mates. Determined to inform his brothers that an old enemy has risen from the dead, Shade manages to formulate an escape plan in hopes of warning his brothers - as well as reversing the effects of a curse that could destroy his newfound love.

Cheesy title aside, Desire Unchained is another stellar chapter in what's turning into a one-of-a-kind paranormal series. Some readers might not find themselves immediately drawn to Shade and Runa's motivations (their initial attraction being based on nothing more than a casual encounter). But given the progression of the plot as well as Ione's continued attention to explaining a Seminus demon's physiology, she quickly succeeds in making both Shade and Runa's back-stories and love believable and poignant. Though some readers might not be comfortable with Ione's steamy writing, the erotica in no way overpowers a storyline filled with plenty of plot twists, turns and sinister surprises.

Youngest brother Wraith's story is due to hit the shelves in April - after that let's hope that there's at least another trilogy in the works for those of us who are totally hooked on Larissa Ione's dark and edgy Demonica world.

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