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Destiny of the Wolf    by Terry Spear order for
Destiny of the Wolf
by Terry Spear
Order:  USA  Can
Sourcebooks Casablanca, 2009 (2009)

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* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

After the deaths of both her parents and then the suicide of her beloved twin sister, Larissa, Lelandi Wildhaven is left shattered. She's certain that her sister would never have committed suicide - she'd loved life far too much to end it in such a selfish manner. Lelandi's situation within her red werewolf pack takes another dark turn when she discovers her pack leader's plan to mate her to his cruel brother. Determined to choose her own fate as well as discover the truth surrounding her sister's death, Lelandi heads to Silver Town to find answers.

Darien Silver's first encounter with Lelandi Wildhaven leaves him in shock: he's certain he's just been visited by the ghost of his dead wife. Could his continued guilt over her death have summoned such an illusion? Once Lelandi clears up the fact that Darien's wife had a twin, the pack leader is further taken aback by his strong attraction to Lelandi. His feelings for her could only mean that she, not Larissa, was his true mate. When someone tries to kill Lelandi, Darien goes into full Alpha mode. He's not about to let anyone sabotage his second chance at finding happiness. But the more he and Lelandi dig into Larissa's death the more determined her killer becomes to silence this new threat.

The twin's identities were a bit hard to sort out at the outset of the story due to Larissa using her sister Lelandi's identity, a plot point that didn't seem to make complete sense. But once the leads get this deception sorted out, their romance and their quest for the truth behind Larissa's demise keeps the story moving at a brisk and interesting pace. Spear also does a nice job in further broadening the scope of her werewolf mythology, one she's fashioned after the hierarchy of real wolves, rather than the customary shapeshifter mythology.

After Spear's rather lacklustre debut in last year's Heart of the Wolf, she's found her true voice and direction in this nicely rendered sequel. Readers who enjoy a werewolf tale with a slightly different twist should definitely check out Destiny of the Wolf.

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