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Jenny's Dream    by Linda Weaver Clarke order for
Jenny's Dream
by Linda Weaver Clarke
Order:  USA  Can
Bedside Books, 2009 (2009)
* *   Reviewed by Kim Atchue-Cusella

Jenny is home from college and her family is excited to see her again but she is restless. She has never really fit in with the kids around Paris, Idaho. She can shoot and ride better than most of the boys her age, but now that she is a young lady, she can't do that kind of thing any longer. She still doesn't feel like she belongs there and wants to work for a magazine company in Texas.

Will is a new neighbor who has heard all about Jenny. When he finally sees her in the meadow he is enthralled by her. Jenny is not happy at first that he shows up in the meadow when she is there, but they settle into a comfortable friendship. Will starts to fall in love with Jenny. He knows that she wants to leave, but wonders what's at the root of her unrest. She gets along very well with her father, stepmother and siblings, but he can tell that something is bothering her.

Jenny's father Gilbert is trying to save the town's sheep from a grizzly bear. His wife Melinda is against his doing this and worries about his safety. But Gilbert feels he also must keep the safety of the town in mind.

Jenny's Dream is the third in a series of five, A Family Saga in Bear Lake Valley. Jenny's story is poignant and romantic. Jenny and Will become best friends first and love develops slowly as Jenny learns to forgive people from her past. Jenny's Dream, a tale of family and love, is a great book to settle down with on the couch for an afternoon of reading by the fireplace.

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