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Bound South
by Susan Rebecca White
Order:  USA  Can
Touchstone, 2009 (2009)

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* *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

Bound South was a delight to read, full of humour and wit. It takes place in Atlanta, Georgia where the Old South is moving over for the New, and like it or not, times are a changing. The story is told by three very different women who all are connected to each other.

Louise Parker is the typical Southern lady, always polite and respectful to other people. She lives in a beautiful home, in one of the best neighbourhoods in Atlanta. Her husband is successful in his career and they have the perfect family, a daughter and a son. On the outside Louise seems to have it all but on the inside she is keeping secrets from her family and friends. She admires her daughter for taking a stand for things she believes in, and wishes she could shed her skin and emerge anew.

Caroline is Louise's daughter. She is rebellious and strong willed, eager to make a life as an actress. Always having the best her parents could provide, Caroline struggles with relationships and the reality of the real world. In college she becomes involved with her teacher and her life begins to crumble. She heads to the west coast to persue acting and get as far away from Atlanta and family as possible, only to discover she needs them after all.

Missy is a young girl who helps her mother Faye clean the Parker residence. Life has not been kind to Missy and she is constantly daydreaming about her father who abandoned her as a child. She is in awe of the Parker home and all the furnishings in it. Louise tries to guide Missy through some of the pitfalls of life, thinking she will do better with her than her own daughter. Missy soon becomes friends with Louise's son Charles, and he eventually leads her to a man Missy believes is her father.

Bound South will take you on a journey along with the three women who are all trying to find their true selves. You will laugh with them and feel their pain. Very entertaining. I look forward to White's next book.

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