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Dangerous Affair
by Caro Peacock
Order:  USA  Can
Avon, 2009 (2009)

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* * *   Reviewed by Barbara Lingens

Once again Caro Peacock has written a very satisfying story set in Victorian London. Liberty Lane, the heroine of Peacock's first novel, A Foreign Affair, is back and in fine form, though she and her horse (the only inheritance from her murdered father) are just managing to survive.

Through her father's friends she has some support, and then there is Benjamin Disraeli, at that time a notable Parliamentarian, who seems to recognize her ability to take care of herself in ways unusual for women of her time. He has a mysterious request for Liberty, which quickly merges with the trouble her father's friend Daniel is facing. Everyone thinks that his great love Jenny poisoned Columbine, a not-so-well-loved dancer. It's going to be up to Liberty to figure out what really happened.

Liberty's investigation allows us to see many facets of London at that time, from behind-the-scenes activities in the theatre to posh estates with high-bred people who have their own secrets, to parts of the city where no lady should be found day or night. Liberty is somehow able to confront all with great intelligence, but the twists and turns of the story keep her quite busy, and us interested, to the end.

We are definitely in the hands of a writer who not only has the appropriate knowledge but also the knack for getting it right on paper. We are a part of the happenings. Best of all, the stage is set for more stories because Mr. Disraeli has decided Liberty should become a private intelligencer instead of a music teacher, so she can solve the problems of people willing to pay for her services. Bring on the next adventure!

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