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Warning at One    by Ann Purser order for
Warning at One
by Ann Purser
Order:  USA  Can
Prime Crime, 2008 (2008)
* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Lois Meade of Long Farnden, England is back on the trail of a murderer. She only speculated about the murder until her son became a figure of interest in the police investigation. Now she's mad. No one is going to accuse her son of taking a life. Not her darling son. No way.

Lois and her husband Derek invested some money won in a lottery in becoming landlords. Their little house in Tresham had been rented and they felt they made a fine decision - until trouble reared its ugly head and bit them both. Their rentee complained about the next door neighbor's rooster crowing early each morning and moved out. This not only left the Meads without a tenant but the next door neighbor was found dead and stuffed down a disused outhouse's hole.

Son Douglas decides to move closer to home and rents the little house and that's when a well-laid plan hits the skids. Odd strangers have the house on the other side and Lois's business is contracted to clean a house across the road. And this is far as I'll go in the plot. It's too good to give it away.

Warning at One is eighth in the Lois Meade series. It's just as good as the first seven, if not a little better. I feel as though I could recognize Lois if she showed up at my door. I like her she refuses to take any nonsense from anyone, and is always busy. She may not quite have a heart of gold, but comes close to it. Her family is aware of her shortcomings and work around her pouts. Derek loves her unconditionally but sure wishes she wouldn't stick her nose into what is police work.

Lois's mom is another tough lady. She runs the household and keeps it together. A little crusty, but knows if she complains too much she'll be out on her ear. These are fun books and worth the read.

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