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Sorrow on Sunday: A Lois Meade Mystery    by Ann Purser order for
Sorrow on Sunday
by Ann Purser
Order:  USA  Can
Berkley, 20008 (2007)
Hardcover, Paperback
* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Our good friend, Lois Meade of Long Farnden, England is back with her company of cleaners, New Brooms, to solve yet more crime. On a Sunday, no less - when Lois feels that Sunday is the one day of the week when life should be crime free.

Sorrow on Sunday ends a week of exploits in this really fun series with our super sleuth. The series started with Murder on Monday. Now that Purser has run the week through, I was afraid my acquaintance with my new friend would end. But, lucky me, I have the next book at hand featuring our Lois, Warning at One. And with numbered episodes, there is no end of possibilities for more.

Lois and her husband Derek have won money in a lottery. Determined not to squander this windfall, they are being cautious with their new-found wealth. In the meantime, a frightened horse startles a young driver which causes a car crash. The dead boy's mother asks Lois for a job so she can eavesdrop on the town's residents she's sure her son's death was no accident.

Police Inspector Cowgill has the hots for Lois. He manages to suppress his emotions around her, but does engage her help in solving village crimes. The story moves at a quick pace from the beginning, with the usual array of characters we've already met and a few more thrown in for good measure. And they are just that characters. Some I would love to meet. Others, I'd just as soon avoid. But they all add up to a good read.

Ann Purser's Sorrow on Sunday is another fun book in a fun series. Don't miss this or the previous ones.

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