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Castle of Dreams: Stories from the Kare Kano Creator    by Masami Tsuda order for
Castle of Dreams
by Masami Tsuda
Order:  USA  Can
TOKYOPOP, 2009 (2009)
* *   Reviewed by Ricki Marking-Camuto

Kare Kano was one of the first dramatic shojo titles released by Tokyopop. Through it, Masami Tsuda shows that she has a flair for telling believable high school romances, as also evidenced by the second half of Castle of Dreams. The first half of Castle of Dreams shows Tsuda can also pen a pretty good fantasy story.

Castle of Dreams is a compilation of short stories divided into two sections. The first section, subtitled the Sorcerer Series, features three tales loosely connected by a sorcerer. Each of these three stories - In the Forest, I Am the Mermaid, and Castle of Dreams - is a fantasy with an exotic setting. These tales are all very beautiful and flowing with a definite fantasy feel.

After Castle of Dreams, the non-fantasy part of the book starts. The first story in that section is The Room Where an Angel Lives, a touching Victorian tale of hard work, family, and romance. The final three stories - Awkward Relationship, I Won't Go, and Because I Have You - are more typical of Tsuda's high school romances. These three are definitely more modern with a more hurried feel. While the others still have the good flow seen in the first half of the book, Because I Have You gets bogged down with too much dialogue.

Because of the disparity between the two halves of Castle of Dreams, I would have liked to see it broken into two volumes - as it must have been released in Japan, based on Masami Tsuda's sidebars. All in all, though, Castle of Dreams is a nice collection of short manga.

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