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To Romance A Charming Rogue: Courtship Wars, Book 4    by Nicole Jordan order for
To Romance A Charming Rogue
by Nicole Jordan
Order:  USA  Can
Ballantine, 2009 (2009)
Paperback, e-Book

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* *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

Two years ago, beautiful Eleanor Pierce was betrothed to Damon Stafford, Viscount of Wrexham. He was handsome and dashing and caught the eye of many a lady. Eleanor was very happy until the day she observed Damon out for a carriage ride with his former mistress in the park. Eleanor immediately broke off their engagement, and after her brother Marcus confronted Damon, he left London. Eleanor has tried to move on with her life but her thoughts are always with Damon. Although he hurt her badly and embarrassed her in front of family and friends, she is still in love with him. Now Damon is back in the city and Eleanor must protect her heart so that history does not repeat itself.

Prince Lazarra has traveled from Italy to England looking for a bride and Lady Eleanor is a candidate for the position. He is very attentive and considerate, escorting Eleanor to many social functions, and surely a good catch, but he does not make Eleanor's heart race as Damon does. And Damon is suddenly turning up everywhere, trying to separate Eleanor and the Prince. Damon has heard of the Prince's reputation. Knowing Eleanor is unaware of it, he is doing everything possible to stop a marriage from taking place. He knows he must earn Eleanor's trust again and win her heart.

Upset with Damon's interfering, Eleanor is worried he may be trying to harm the Prince. On several occasions when Damon has been with them strange things have happened to Prince Lazarra. After taking a drink at a ball he becomes ill from poison. Another time his carriage is tampered with while riding in the park with Eleanor. He is robbed and attacked while shopping at a open market. Someone is trying to kill the Prince and Eleanor prays it's not Damon.

Damon has finally realized he is in love with Eleanor. After two years away from her he knows she is the one for him. The hardest thing he ever had to do was act as if he was still involved with his former mistress. He knew he hurt Eleanor deeply but he could not tell her the real reason behind his actions. Now he knows he must tell her his deepest secret and reveal his feelings for her. Someone is trying to kill the Prince and Damon is out to prove it is not him. Will Eleanor love him again and open her heart to him? To Romance A Charming Rogue is a sexy, seductive read about two people who are meant to be together. Very entertaining!

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