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Double-Click for Trouble    by Chris Woodworth order for
Double-Click for Trouble
by Chris Woodworth
Order:  USA  Can
Farrar Straus & Giroux, 2008 (2008)

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* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

I find the title a little misleading in Chris Woodworth's Double-Click for Trouble, as misuse of the Internet is only a minor catalyst for some of the events in the story - Eddie McCall gets into trouble for looking at forbidden dating service sites with his best friend Jared, after which his single mother Lindy sends him to stay with his Uncle Peavey (actually his grandfather's brother) in small town Sheldon.

As Eddie gets to know Peavey, his friend Ordella Mae, tomboy Ronnie - who helps Peavey with his mowin' business - and Ronnie's awesome-looking sister Erin, he gradually learns not to make snap judgements about people and to look past the surface. He even forgives his mother for sending him away. And back home, Lindy is learning something similar about her neighbors, Eddie's buddy Jared and Jared's dad.

In Sheldon, Eddie finds out something he has always wanted to know, his own father's identity, and is faced with a big decision about what to do with that new knowledge. He does the right thing and finds a way to help Peavey as well. Double-Click for Trouble is a good coming-of-age story, one that underlines the differences between the online fantasy world and reality.

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