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Behind the Shadows    by Patricia Potter order for
Behind the Shadows
by Patricia Potter
Order:  USA  Can
Berkley, 2008 (2008)
* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Atlanta reporter Kira Douglas's mother is dying of kidney failure and doctors give her less than a month to live unless she receives an immediate transplant. Kira has no qualms about donating one of her kidneys, but tests indicate that the woman who raised Kira is not her biological mother. Katy Douglas assures her daughter that she's not an adoptee, and is equally stunned that Kira might have been switched at birth.

Determined to discover the truth, as well as find her mother's biological daughter and beg the woman to donate a kidney, Kira hires private investigator and good friend Chris Burke to help her uncover clues. Their research leads them to one of Atlanta's most powerful families, the Westerfields. Heiress Leigh Howard refuses to put any stock in Kira's claim of a possible baby-switching, let alone agree to a DNA test. She and her ruthless lawyer Max Peyton try to stymie Kira's investigation at every turn. But when her life is threatened and a possible scandal about to hit the papers, Max and Leigh are forced to pay closer attention to Kira's claims and face the possibility that someone is trying to cover up dirty Westerfield secrets.

Behind the Shadows proves once again that Pat Potter knows how to spin a spellbinding suspense tale. Her characterizations and pacing shine and the sexual tension between leads Kira and Max positively sizzles as they fight to deny their undeniable attraction. Potter even gifts readers with a secondary romance once sparks begin flying between Chris and Leigh. She also does a particularly good job in dropping numerous red herrings along the way, which provides a nice twist once the killer is finally revealed. Behind the Shadows is fast-paced and involving romantic suspense at its best.

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