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Soulless    by Christopher Golden order for
by Christopher Golden
Order:  USA  Can
MTV, 2008 (2008)
* *   Reviewed by Lyn Seippel

Eighteen-year-old Phoenix Cormier is spending the summer with her dad. This may be the last chance they have to get to know each other before she goes away to college. Even before the divorce seven years ago, Joe Cormier wasn't an attentive father. Phoenix's only childhood memories of him are that he spent his time in his home office. When he wasn't teaching at Georgetown University, he was doing research or writing articles and books on his theories of life after death.

Phoenix watches Sunrise, a network morning TV show, from the audience while Professor Cormier and two other world renowned mediums discuss combining their abilities to bring forth spirits, while on the air. During their sťance something goes wrong and the world outside the studio begins to tremble. The mediums, now comatose, are unable to break their physical connection. The magnification of the talents of the mediums joining together has allowed spirits to walk as zombies, pouring from graveyards up and down the East Coast.

Multiple players are introduced to narrate the story. Golden's short sketches give the reader an instant background of the point of view of the character of the moment, while facing an unheard of danger. Golden's skillful plotting and sympathetic characters move this horror story along at a thrilling pace. Soulless is not for the squeamish, but readers who enjoy the supernatural don't want to miss it.

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