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Hot Flash
by Kathy Carmichael
Order:  USA  Can
Medallion, 2008 (2008)
* *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

Jill Storm is a single mother turning forty. She works as a sous chef at La Papillon casino in Las Vegas trying hard to support herself and her young son Stephen. Her husband divorced her and had a sex change and now Stephen has two mothers. Jill's life is full with girlfriends who are all trying to find the perfect man for her, and her interfering mother. Jill would like to marry again and have a positive male influence in Stephen's life - and maybe even someone who could pay for his college tuition - but she can't seem to find him.

Reading the local paper Jill happens across anniversary announcements and wonders how all the couples have stayed together for so long. She comes up with the idea of a survey and soon letters come pouring in. Every woman has her own words of wisdom for Jill but she notices a lot suggest having a husband who is not home much. This leads Jill to believe she should try and find a traveling salesman for a husband.

Working at La Papillon Jill has access to all the conventions that are held there. With the help of a friend in the corporate office she begins to mingle and circulate among the many men who are traveling for business. Soon she has accepted a few dates and finds herself with Tony, an easel salesman, a man who likes to wear chiffon and glitter undies. Next she is dating another who drops her after he finds out she does not want to have more children. Mr. Right has to be out there somewhere.

On a shopping trip to the local Target store with her son they meet his third grade teacher, Davin Wesley. He is good looking and well built but Jill previously found him too controlling and annoying. That was eight years ago and now she is impressed with how he can talk to Stephen about his career in art and seems genuinely interested in his choices for college. Soon Davin is at the house helping Stephen, and Jill actually looks forward to his visits. When Davin asks Jill out on a date she asks herself if she could be happy with a teacher who is around all the time and who is not her type. Her mind tells her no but her sex drive tells her yes.

Hot Flash is a laugh out loud read. Accompany Jill on her dates as she hunts for her ideal man, not realizing she knows him already.

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