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The Funeral Home Murders    by Rob Hahn order for
Funeral Home Murders
by Rob Hahn
Order:  USA  Can
North Star, 2008 (2008)
* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Place: Hudson, Wisconsin. Time: Present. Problem: Someone has entered the Grady Funeral Home and murdered the Director of the Home and his assistant, who were preparing a body for burial. Why? That's the mystery.

Good premise. Why would someone just stroll into the Home while its secretary was out to lunch and calmly shoot the two men, steal four bottles of embalming fluid and then walk out? Why the embalming fluid? There had been a Catholic priest seen outside the Home. What was he doing there? Involved? The police seemed to think so but couldn't get the evidence they needed to indict him. Could it have been the teenagers in the church's youth group? Or perhaps 'some despondent widower who thought his wife's make-up made her look too old in the casket'?

The Funeral Home Murders is Rob Hahn's first novel. No rookie in publishing, he is founder and president of Hahn Publications and has also worked in television and radio. All of which gives his work credibility as his protagonist is TV reporter Sean Kelly. I liked Kelly. He has his own disciplines to which he adheres. And sets his own schedules regardless of his boss's edicts. The mystery proves intriguing as the plot moves quickly toward the denouement.

What proved fascinating to me was the behind the scenes of TV news land as well as the Catholic Church dogma. What was disappointing was the need of a final edit. Too many distracting typos. However, that aside, this is a good book and well worth the read.

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