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Under the Highlander's Spell    by Donna Fletcher order for
Under the Highlander's Spell
by Donna Fletcher
Order:  USA  Can
Avon, 2008 (2008)

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* *   Reviewed by Kim Atchue-Cusella

Zia, a healer, is about to be burned at the stake as a witch but holds out hope that she will be saved. At the last minute, Artair Sinclare (who is looking for his brother) discovers that the only person who can help him is Zia. He persuades the townspeople to let her talk to him. She claims that she can only show him where his brother is but can't give directions.

Zia takes Artair back to her village where but they discover that Artair's brother has left. Artair stays in the village to see if he can find out where his brother went and why he left when he was not completely healed. He meets Zia's wise grandmother who knows that Artair is the one for Zia and advises her that he is a good man.

Artair asks Zia to accompany him home to help his pregnant sister-in-law who has been unwell. Zia complies but will not agree to marry him. She has already fallen in love with him but feels that he is too practical and wants to be sure that he has passion. Artair wants Zia but is not sure what love is at this point - he feels it will come in time. He knows that they need to travel as a married couple for her protection. Later, Zia loves Artair's family but still holds back from marrying him (his family is unaware that they are not married and can tell they are deeply in love).

Under the Highlander's Spell is a captivating book with engaging characters. Zia is a free spirited healer who will help anyone in need. Artair is a warrior who is duty bound to his clan and family. Passion sparks at once between the two but Zia's stubbornness keeps them from marriage. Though this is the second book (after Return of the Rogue) in the Sinclare brothers series, it can be enjoyed on is own. I look forward to the next brother's story.

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