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Lori, Runaway Wife    by Valentine Dmitriev order for
Lori, Runaway Wife
by Valentine Dmitriev
Order:  USA  Can
PublishAmerica, 2008 (2008)
* *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

Lori Becker found an escape from her life through reading. She reads romance novels by bestselling author Ian Damion. Lori is unhappy in her marriage to Boyd but is afraid to leave him. Her husband is abusive and she never knows why or when he will explode. He is very controlling and threatens to kill her if she walks out on their marriage. The only person Boyd is afraid of is his controlling mother who shares the same temperament as her son.

Lori also finds solace in her job at the local hospital where she works as a nurse in training. She enjoys helping and comforting people when they have gone through surgery or child birth. Well liked by her co-workers, she is always there with a smile and a helping hand.

One day in the emergency department Lori is shocked to see Ian Damion brought in from a horrific car accident. Later she meets him in the cafeteria and learns he is lucky, only suffering from minor cuts and bruises. His pregnant girlfriend however, is in critical condition and he is very concerned. Days later Lori learns Ian has a healthy son, soon to be released from the hospital. Ian offers Lori a job as a nanny, as he has to return home and rewrite his new novel.

This is the perfect opportunity for Lori to escape Boyd. Although Ian suspected something was wrong in Lori's life, she never told him she was married or had an abusive husband. Packing only a few things, Lori leaves Queens for the west coast with Ian and the baby. At first Lori's life seems like a dream come true with her new family but distance and secrecy catches up with her. Now she must confide in Ian and make the biggest decision of her life.

Lori, Runaway Wife reads like a true story of domestic violence but with romance added. It is a great combination, so much more than chick lit.

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