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Theft on Thursday    by Ann Purser order for
Theft on Thursday
by Ann Purser
Order:  USA  Can
Prime Crime, 2006 (2006)
* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Theft on Thursday is the fifth of author Ann Purser's series featuring Lois Meade. Lois owns and runs a cleaning service in the village of Long Farndon in the middle of England. Lois would like to be involved in police work. However, her husband Derek hates her connection to the local constabulary, not only because it could put her in danger but also because he questions the motives of the constable involved - his wife is a beautiful woman.

A new vicar arrives in Long Farndon and with him his godson, who is to head up the church choir. Of course, there are occurrences that Lois just can't ignore. A local man dies under suspicious circumstances. There is a cult of some kind causing mischief in the neighboring village. Tension escalates as Lois tries to do the right thing and be a good mother, run a business and be kind to others. And possibly sing in the church choir.

Lois Meade is a no-nonsense kind of woman who controls her business and her husband and kids and Gran, her own mother, with a sense of doing the right thing. With all she has to do, she has the time to take in the homeless vicar and his godson's mother. Purser has a handle on this woman. She has faults but not a closed mind. She has the sense to be afraid when she should be, but conquers her fears to do what needs to be done. Purser is writing some of the better cozies. And I still have three more at hand to read. Lucky me!

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