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My Soul to Keep
by Melanie Wells
Order:  USA  Can
Multnomah, 2008 (2008)

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* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Peter Terry returns in My Soul to Keep, third in the series. Author Melanie Wells has kept her imagination honed and produced another chilling tale featuring that specter of evil trying once again to outsmart teaching psychologist Dylan Foster.

This time, the son of a dear friend of Dylan's is kidnapped. Another friend's daughter, Christine, has a guardian angel named Earl. Through him she keeps up with what's happening. She keeps telling everyone that the boy is all right but is frightened and wants his mother. The poor kid is the product of rape and his father is in prison. Could the dad have masterminded this from jail?

The previous book, The Soul Hunter, had Dylan besieged by a battalion of flies. Now, it's the sound of a rattlesnake that follows her. This is not enough, however, to keep her from initiating her own quest to find the child when she feels the police investigation is falling short.

I like Dylan. She's young but crusty enough to be my age. (Don't ask.) She's the first to admit she can ruffle feathers at the least provocation. She is pretty much of a loner but the few friends she does have are caring and loyal. Peter Terry doesn't show up much but the sense of his presence is almost always in the air. He repels Dylan, but she doesn't allow him to get the upper hand.

Wells firmly anchors her story - set in or near Southern Methodist University - to place, as well as creating plausible characters. The pace of this winner keeps the reader turning pages well into the night. Another good book in an absorbing series. I'm sure we will be treated to another battle between Terry and Dylan and I look forward to it.

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