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I See You Everywhere
by Julia Glass
Order:  USA  Can
Pantheon, 2008 (2008)
Hardcover, CD
* *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

I See You Everywhere is the story of two sisters, Louisa and Clem. It spans a twenty-five year period, starting in their mid teens, and is told alternately in the voices of the sisters.

Louisa is the eldest. She's strong and steady, always wanting to do the right thing, wanting to make a good impression on others. She looks to the future for a good marriage, career, and a family. She does eventually marry but doesn't find true happiness until her second time around. She lives in New York City, making pottery and dabbling in writing. Louisa always resented Clem, as she was the favourite.

Younger sister Clem is an adventurer. She has a restless spirit, always trying something new, and never staying with one man for any length of time. She is outgoing, and people - especially men - are drawn to her wild side. She has a passion for animals, and travels the world as a biologist.

Two sisters, with different personalities and different dreams of the future. They were raised by a mother obsessed with training her dogs, and a good natured father who gave his powerful wife control. Louisa and Clem had a very competitive relationship with each other. In their teen years, it was regarding friends and boyfriends, and later it was with their jobs. It seemed they were always in a power struggle, never feeling comfortable with each other, always emotionally distant.

When one sister is taken ill with breast cancer, the other reaches out from across the world, but fails to truly understand what her sister is going through. Years later when tragedy strikes the family, the survivors are left searching their souls for the answer to why? I See You Everywhere, the complex, candid story of two sisters told from two different viewpoints, is a must read for sisters everywhere.

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