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A Knight Well Spent    by Jackie Ivie order for
Knight Well Spent
by Jackie Ivie
Order:  USA  Can
Zebra, 2008 (2008)
* *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

In Scotland, in the year 1141, Rhoenne Guy de Ramhurst is in charge of a fiefdom. He has been given this job by King David. He must try and tame the rebel Highlanders who live there. This is no easy task as the men do not follow orders well, drink too much, and are rowdy and always roaming the countryside looking for fun. Rhoenne's half brother Brent is one of the men who needs discipline.

Aislynn, or the Lady of the Brook as she is known, is a healer. She walks the woods and gathers flowers and herbs to help heal the sick and wounded. Her family want her to marry the local blacksmith, Donald O'Rourke, but she feels no attraction to him. One day while gathering herbs, she hears a man moaning in pain. She finds a large, well built, handsome man, Rhoenne Guy de Ramhurst, with a leg wound. She immediately takes charge and sets out to heal his wound. Aislynn is mesmerized by this gentle giant with beautiful blue eyes. Rhoenne is attracted to Aislynn's beauty but remembers the vow he made to himself. He feels he has been cursed and will not endanger a woman's life.

Days go by and Rhoenne cannot forget about Aislynn. He discovers that his brother has abducted her and brought her to Tynebury Hall against her wishes. Rhoenne takes Aislynn under his care. He sees to her wellbeing, providing food and clothes. They spend time together talking and getting to know each other but Rhoenne always remembers the curse. He tries to spend time away from Aislynn but is drawn to her as a moth to a flame. Aislynn is put in charge of the servants and men with day to day castle duties. Rhoenne is amazed at what she has accomplished with them and the respect they show for her.

Called before King David, Rhoenne is ordered to marry the King's daughter. Reeling from the news, he wonders how to break this to Aislynn. Devastated, Aislynn and Rhoenne's servant, Harold Montvale, come up with a scheme to ensure that Rhoenne carry out the King's wishes at any cost. Can a heartbroken Aislynn walk away and leave Tynebury Hall and Rhoenne forever? A Knight Well Spent is a romantic, sexy tale of two lovers who meet their destiny.

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