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When the Day of Evil Comes    by Melanie Wells order for
When the Day of Evil Comes
by Melanie Wells
Order:  USA  Can
Multnomah, 2008 (2005)
Softcover, CD
* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

When the Day of Evil Comes is hard to classify. It's chilling, thrilling, suspenseful, full of Christian good words, and with an underlining of evil. Psychology professor Dylan Foster has been unjustly accused of coming on to a student she has been counseling - highly unprofessional behavior which could make her lose her job and be blackballed in the academic community. Determined to clear her name, she starts looking into where the accusation is coming from.

She almost sinks into despair when she finds the student has committed suicide! While trying to rise above all this, Dylan has experiences that chill her to the bone. She has sighted a specter named Peter Terry. From then on, there are a spate of happenings that make her cringe. The wedding ring that her mother was buried with is given to her as a gift, as an example! An invasion of flies covers her whole apartment. Expensive gifts are charged to her credit card.

Going to Chicago to confront the dead student's family only seems to make matters worse when she is arrested for assaulting the boy's mother. How can Dylan fight in two worlds at the same time? The here and now and the spiritual? When the Day of Evil Comes is the first in a series featuring Dylan Foster. I have Book 2 and Book 3 at hand to read and look forward to more chills and thrills.

While very suspenseful, the book is littered with subtle humor. The characters are very true to life. Dylan is easy to like. The author, Melanie Wells, is a therapist and so writes of what she knows, and does it well.

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