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Pursuit    by Elizabeth Jennings order for
by Elizabeth Jennings
Order:  USA  Can
Forever, 2008 (2008)

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* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Heiress Charlotte Court had always detested Robert Haine, CEO of her father's billion-dollar company. She long ago recognised his thirst for money and power. However, she never imagined he'd resort to murder to gain total control of Court Industries. When Charlotte walks in on Haine's henchman killing her cancer-stricken father, she is horrified. As the assassin turns a gun on her, she manages to outrun and then outwit him. She doesn't escaped unscathed however; wounded and certain that Haine has staked out every avenue of escape, the resourceful Charlotte goes into hiding, then creates a new identity and finds refuge in Mexico.

Matt Sanders narrowly escapes death while serving in Afghanistan. Months later, he awakens in a VA hospital, half the man he used to be. Despite his situation, he's determined to reclaim his life and regain his strength . The fact that his injuries preclude him from ever rejoining his SEAL team is shattering news. However, Matt is convinced he survived for a reason. He realises why once he spots the mystery woman living in a small cottage by the sea - she seems to have appointed herself his guardian angel. Every day she watches his arduous hours of self-imposed rehabilitation and makes sure he's all right. Matt is certain the sad eyed beauty is hiding something, and assigns himself her protector, certain she will eventually confide in him. Once he gains her trust, they enjoy every moment together and discover love. But Charlotte realizes that her idyll cannot last; Robert Haine is relentless and will not rest until Charlotte and Matt are dead.

Elizabeth Jennings' debut presents a strong new voice in romantic suspense. Alternating between the often touching relationship that develops between Matt and Charlotte, and Robert Haine's twisted determination to silence her, Jennings keeps the pacing brisk and readers at the edge of their seats. After a strong build-up however, the ending of Pursuit is rather sudden, and somewhat anti-climactic for those of us who would have enjoyed seeing Robert Haine's justice served in real time rather than as a footnote.

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