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I'm with Stupid
by Elaine Szewczyk
Order:  USA  Can
5 Spot, 2008 (2008)
* *   Reviewed by Rheta Van Winkle

Kas Sienkiewicz is an ordinary hard-working young woman living in New York City, but she's lucky in that she has managed to find a rent-controlled apartment where she can afford to live alone. She works as an assistant at a literary agency, and her two best friends are Libby, who lives across the hall and who helped her get her apartment, and Max, who is rich and gay. At the beginning of the book, the three of them are on their way to South Africa for a three-day safari in Kruger National Park and three days sightseeing in Capetown. The vacation couldn't have come at a better time for Kas, who is struggling to get over Richard, who dumped her on Valentine's Day.

The trip is already the most wonderful vacation of Kas's life when the three friends first lay eyes on William. One of the staff of the game reserve where they're going to stay, he is 'the most beautiful humanoid I have honestly ever seen,' muses Kas. 'Tall, I'm guessing about six foot four, lean, tanned, light brown hair, blue eyes, dazzling - there is no other word - white smile. It's the ranger, a vision in khaki short shorts. I recognize him from the South Africa brochure. Holy shit, hotter in person.'

The three friends are all attracted to William and follow him around like sheep during their stay at the game reserve. He has eyes only for Kas, though, and without her knowledge, Max gives William her e-mail address before they leave the park. Kas got a little closer to William than she intended to during their stay and is somewhat ashamed of herself, but after all she was trying to get over Richard, and she thinks she'll never see William again.

After returning to New York and reality, she starts to get e-mails from William that become more and more alarming. She can hardly decipher the e-mail he writes to her, the spelling and punctuation are so bad, and she's horrified to learn that he has lost his job because of his fling with her, and he's coming to New York to stay with her while he writes a book. He's sure that she can help him get published. She's not even sure he can write a legible sentence.

While the further adventures of Kas and William get more and more involved, Max is having fun getting even with Richard for breaking up with Kas. The book is one big romp, first on safari, and then in New York. Kas is an interesting character, and she tries to do the right thing by everyone, even though Max and William are acting totally beserk, and her family is driving her crazy. I'm with Stupid is a funny book, unbelievable at times, but everything works out - somehow - in the end.

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