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Between Golden Jaws: Hallowmere #3    by Tiffany Trent order for
Between Golden Jaws
by Tiffany Trent
Order:  USA  Can
Mirrorstone, 2008 (2008)
* *   Reviewed by Ricki Marking-Camuto

Tiffany Trent's Hallowmere series takes an even darker turn in the third book, Between Golden Jaws. After rescuing Sir James and one of the rathstones from the Prince's rath, Corrine wants to protect Fearnan by closing the rath, but the Council has other plans.

Going out on her own, Corrine finds a way to close the rath, only to have her magic bound by the three veiled ladies and a kelpie. Upon returning, she finds a stack of letters on her bed containing a dark secret about Father Joe. She quickly hides the letters as the Council prepares to move to England in search of another rathstone. While in England, Corrine confronts Father Joe about the letters. In a fit of anger, he leaves, not to return. Meanwhile, Corrine is also having visions of two girls being held captive by the Captain while rumors float around about a possible Half-Born. As everyone searches various castes of the society to find out what they can about Corrine's vision and the rumors, it becomes clear that the Prince is in England and wants Corrine for his bride.

The action in Between Golden Jaws picks up where By Vemon's Sweet Sting leaves off, immediately transporting the reader to Fearnan and Corrine's world. As always, Trent does a wonderful job of grabbing the reader and keeping him or her hooked. She also bring great imagery to her writing, helping the reader experience Victorian England and the raths of the Unhallowed. A lot happens in Between Golden Jaws, so the fast-paced plot is almost non-stop, right up to the cliff-hanger ending.

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