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Sally Selvadurai
BookLoons Reviewer

Sally Selvadurai studied Botany and Zoology at the undergraduate level and has a Master's degree in Industrial Administration. She worked for several years as an editor for one of Pergamon's scientific journals, and subsequently for a government social service agency in the U.K..

After a long hiatus from the workforce Sally is currently employed at the Centre for Literacy of Quebec. This is a non-profit organization whose aim is to promote literacy at all age levels, to include technological and media literacy as well as numeration and reading. Sally still finds time to volunteer at her children's High School and participates as a Board member for her daughter's swim team.

Sally swims at the Masters level twice a week and enjoys travel and any new challenge or experience. She reads a wide variety of publications and finds that the train/bus commute into work and back is an excellent time to bury her nose in a good book. The long waits at various training sessions for her children's sports activities also provide an excellent opportunity to settle down with a novel.

Although Sally does not have a really strong preference for any one genre, she enjoys historical fantasies, murder mysteries and science fiction.
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