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Martina Bexte
BookLoons Reviewer

Being raised on a small farm in the wind blown and wide open prairies of southern Alberta was the perfect backdrop for my wandering imagination and my thirst for a good book. I've read voraciously from the moment I figured out the ABC's, and in every fiction genre there is from Louis L'Amour westerns to Nora Roberts romances. Edgar Allen Poe is one of my all time fav's and whet my appetite for a good "scary book".

Stephen King takes the prize as the first author who actually managed to scare my socks off. Since then there've been many other writers and many genres that lure me away from what I should be doing to what I love doing best - sitting at the kitchen table, sipping coffee and nibbling chocolate bon bons - and indulging in another great book!

Over the past twenty years or so I've worked mainly in manufacturing, and am currently employed in Customer Service Administration in the telecom industry. Besides reading, I do some writing, (have actually sold some work), love to cook, bake the odd decadent cake, do a bit of gardening, and try and keep up with my small horde of cats!
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