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Hilary Williamson
Managing Editor

Ciad mmle failte romhait, which means A hundred thousand welcomes and is the limit of my Gaelic, despite a childhood in Ireland. I now live in Canada with my husband and two sons.

I took my M. Math degree in Computer Science at the University of Waterloo and subsequently spent 15 years in telecommunications R&D, managing both ergonomics and software development groups. My favorite winter occupation was to curl up by the fireside with a good book. In the summer, I swung in a hammock with a good book. At every opportunity, I traveled around the world, and especially enjoyed high altitude hiking in the Himalayas and in Africa.

I used to interrupt my reading for martial arts training (at the Montreal West Island Dojo and the Kyokushin Ottawa Goudreault Dojo). I still swim, kayak and paddle board in the summer, and snowshoe in the winter. I take Celtic/lever harp lessons from a wonderful teacher - if you're a musician, check out her site, Joanne Griffin Music. And I play in an amateur ensemble, Celtic Knot Harpists.

I have been accused of being an omnivorous reader, though my particular favorites are speculative fiction and mysteries. I launched this venture, in order to share my love of books with others, and to help people connect to the books they want to read, in the digital age. I hope that you enjoy it here and that you return to visit often.


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