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Poetweets from Woodland Canada - Spring in the Air
By Hilary Williamson (May 2017)

Seasonal verses (that I dub poetweets in this age of universal attention deficit) -
Winter Blues, Spring in the Air, Summer Frolics and Fall Glory - being written
for fun and also in honour of Canada's 150th birthday this year:

Snow is melting,
Rainfall pelting!

Roof ice slipping,
Drip, drip, dripping.

Day by day,
Snow white turns grey.

Kayaks ice break,
Slice down the lake

A daffodil lea
Peeks out at me.

Groundhog scurries,
How he hurries!

Chipmunks tear
From here to there.

Squirrels fly,
Tails trace the sky.

Birds nest nigh,
They tweet hi-fi.

The sun breaks through;
Life starts anew.

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