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Gracie's Book Nook
February 2018:

Hello readers, I have returned. Before I begin, let me apologize for my absence. Since September I have had two big oral surgeries. Due to stomatitis and tooth resorption lesions (FORLs) I have no teeth. Recovery from losing eleven teeth, and then my last eight, has taken some time. Fear not, I'll be just fine and am receiving the finest of care. While I'm on the road to recovery from my last surgery my maid handed me What's So Special About Megalosaurus? by Nicky Dee (Dragonfly Group. 9780993529368).

What is so special about an overgrown, smelly lizard? It beats the fur balls out of me. But my maid said that people, especially young ones, are fascinated by these weird, extinct creatures called dinosaurs. But then, people do seem to have a fascination with everything large; mega-mansions, mega-stores, even mega-sized meals. I suppose it isn't such a stretch that people would be interested in mega-lizards.

It is good, for people and cats alike, that Megalosaurus existed long before you and I did. I'm a compact six pound ball of adorable cuteness. A thirty meter high, ugly lizard would scare the gushy cat chow right out of me! Even more frightening is that certain dinosaurs were thought to be stupid and have 'a second brain close to their butt!' I suppose that explains a certain purple singing dinosaur. Anyway, this big, dumb, butt-brained lizard also has huge seventeen centimeter long teeth and eats nothing but meat. If you ask me, Megalosaurus does not seem to have any redeeming qualities. Why are people so into these creatures, especially the nasty ones with huge, pointy teeth? Teeth are overrated as far as I'm concerned!

For the nine lives of me, I just cannot figure out why humans are so drawn to these vile creatures. No self-respecting cat would ever be interested in a big, dumb, lowly reptile. Snore. Could you cuddle a dinosaur in your lap? Would they play with you without ripping your innards to ribbons? If they bit you, would you only suffer minor blood loss? In a word, no! Take a look at the picture of yours truly and then a picture of Megalosaurus. Now, which one has the looks, brains, and appealing cuddle-soft fur all in one adorable lap-friendly package? All that, and no teeth to maul you with either! The worst I can do is gum you.

I suppose, though, that you people will continue to like your oversized, extinct dinosaurs. So if you must, pick up this book for your five to seven year old reader. But just keep in mind that cats are far more interesting and fun than some ancient dinosnore.
Gracie graciously shares her living quarters with Jessica Maguire and Butler "Buttles." When she is sure that Gracie is comfortable and napping during her recovery, Head Maid Jessica makes sure to keep Gracie's book shelf well stocked. Buttles ensures that no Megalosaurus or other lizard-of-unusual-size disturbs Gracie while she is penning her musings.
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