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Deb Kincaid
BookLoons Reviewer

I would like to say that I've always been a writer, that I wrote my own fables as a child, and that in answering essay questions on school tests that I just wouldn't shut up. But, none of that is true. On the other hand, I have been a voracious reader all my life, view any library as home-away-from-home, and was one of the few kids in my sixth grade class who actually relished verb conjugation!

The various occupations I've had, in addition to the toughest oneómom to three kids, have included about six years in health care, co-owner of the family construction business with my hubby, and odds-n-ends of other types of low-paid labor. Writing, however, is the only low-paid, painful, and laborious work that I enjoy thoroughly. Also, I have had a life-long love affair with God's creation, and an abiding urgency to empower with knowledge the used and abused. These traits are discerned in my writing on environmental, health, and parenting topics.

Once I hit middle-age, I finally tried college. After attending Arizona State University for a couple of years - and becoming frustrated at the snail-speed slowness of the creative writing curriculum - I decided to take one professor's advice to take a year off from school and give writing a whirl. So, I did. And I have no intention of going back to college. I always told my kids, "You learn by doing," and now I'm following my own advice. I've learned more by actually writing, and studying the craft of writing on my own, than I ever would have learned in school. And at a much quicker pace!

After 19 years in northern California and 10 years in Arizona, my family and I were fortunate to move to the Northwest in Spring 2006, Vancouver, Washington to be specific. We absolutely love it here, rain clouds and all!

Since moving here, I've had several parenting and ecoliving articles published, as well as a couple of short stories. I am a newbie, so I only have a dozen or so clips under my belt, but my writing business continues to be progressive. I was thrilled to find, and Hilary has been very kind and supportive. I look forward to working with BookLoons for a long time, and providing excellent reviews of books in my areas of interest noted above.

My work has been published in Lux, Women On Writing, Long Story Short, Vancouver Family Magazine (where I am staff writer), and Northwest Baby & Child Magazine. Check out my website,, which I created to share what Iíve learned about ecoliving, and environmental threats to our health.
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