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Alex Telander
BookLoons Reviewer

Alex C. Telander was born in 1979 in Málaga, on the south coast of Spain, where he lived for the first nineteen years of his life, attending an English high school. He started writing with a vested interest at the age of fifteen with short stories both for class and for personal enjoyment. In his last few years at his high school, he started his own newspaper, the St. Anthony's Gazette, where he published some of his stories, as well as a wealth of other material that he mostly wrote for the paper.

At the time, he also had an interest in marine biology. With a love for America and its ways, he attended San José State University in San José, California, majoring in biology with a concentration in marine biology. Deciding this wasn't as concentrated as he wanted, he transferred to Long Beach State, where they offered a marine biology major. It was at the end of the first semester that he decided marine biology and, realistically, the math and physics wasn't for him, and he would be honest and follow his real passion, majoring in creative writing.

He took a number of writing classes with many talented professors, working closely under Lisa Glatt (author of A Girl Becomes a Comma Like That and The Apple's Bruise: Stories) and Brian Alan Lane (author of Cat and Mouse: Mind Games With a Serial Killer, as well as being a well-connected and respected writer in Hollywood). He also worked for four years at the student-run newspaper, the Long Beach Union, starting as a staff writer, then News Editor, Literature Editor (which he created, getting contacts and requesting review copies from publishers), Associate Editor, and in his last year as Editor-in-Chief. Apart from various articles and book reviews, he had some short prose pieces and poetry published in the creative arts section.

He met his wife-to-be at the newspaper and moved back with her to Petaluma after graduation. He worked for two years at Copperfield's Bookstore and then moved with his wife to Davis in August 2005, where she started law school and he started working for Borders. He is currently the merchandise supervisor and spends his working day recommending and selling great books to good people.

He has written a large collection of short stories over the years, ranging from science fiction and fantasy to young adult and horror. He continues to send out stories for publication, accepting constructive criticism when offered, re-editing and re-submitting. He completed his first novel in the fall of 2005, Kyra, a young adult fantasy novel.

He is currently writing a thriller novel about a man who wakes to find his mind has been wiped and a covert division of the government has something to do with it, called Nothing is an Accident; a historical fiction novel set in the early Middle Ages called Wyrd, as well as a comic book series about the Battle of Hastings. Find out more about Alex and read some of his work at; and listen to his podcast reviews and interviews at
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