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Be Web Aware
Get the most out of the Internet and know the risks - age related safety tips.
Test your Censorship IQ, fight for Harry Potter, speak up for Free Speech!
Teen Read Week
Celebrate Teen Read Week @ your library.

Play over the web - 14 dictionaries including Star Trek terms, arcade game titles.
Koko & the Gorilla Foundation
See Koko sign using American Sign Language, learn about gorillas and gorilla families.
Merriam-Webster's Word Games
Try games like Definition Demolition, Transform Brainstorm & Highbrow Lowbrow.
Roget's II The New Thesaurus
Words, words, words - from A-1 to zonked.  35,000 synonyms with succinct definitions.
Semantic Rhyming Dictionary
Type in a word for matching rhymes or semantic siblings.
Tongue Twisters 
More on tongue twisters - what they are and why they are difficult to say.
A Word A Day
All about the music and magic of words.  Sign up for a daily word ... like pelf or limn.

Discover Writing
Write reviews, inspiring quotes, share favorite leads and endings, said is dead.
Hatrack River
Uncle Orson's Writing Class (lessons from SF / Fantasy author Orson Scott Card).
NaNoWriMo Contest
Submit 250 words of a a YA novel, chance to win exposure to editors.
Scholastic Art & Writing Awards
Started in 1923, 16 visual arts and 9 writing categories, grades 7-12.
Submit a story to go with the mystery picture by Peter Sis, or one about your neighborhood.

Comic Art & Graffix Gallery
From cave paintings to Spider-Man, history of comics, artist bios, galleries of comic art.
Ever played Mad Libs?  Try Blibs, make your own or browse thousands created by others.

Harry Potter
Talk about the movies online, view trailers, listen to a webcast.
Lord of the Rings
Watch enthralling trailers, download posters and screensavers, look behind the special effects.
MAGIC The Gathering
Learn about the world of MAGIC, play the card game and battle other sorcerers for survival.
Star Wars Kids
Check out the Episode I-VI timeline, play online games.
What Would Harry Read?
What would Harry read? or Ron? or Hermione? or even Dumbledore?

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